What is the operational temperature range of my photo booth?

Ensure that you are operating the photo booth within the temperature ranges listed in the table below, it's important not to operate the unit in direct sunlight as this can lead to overheating. When storing your photo booth, keep it inside the provided travel case in a cool and dry environment. Altitude Ambient Temp Ambient [...]

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What is a corporate border/graphical overlay?

A corporate border, also known as a graphical overlay, is used to place an image or animation in the foreground of a photo. Graphical overlays can be as simple as adding a corporate logo or a bride and groom’s name and wedding date to photos, or can be intricate animations used to create fun special [...]

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What is green screen photography?

Green screen photography is when you shoot against a green backdrop and digitally replace the green in the background with an image or animation. The result can be as simple as a digital step and repeat background, or as complex as placing the subject in a prehistoric landscape with moving dinosaurs, or piloting a speedboat [...]

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