By adding a photo booth to the lobby of a hotel or resort, you can keep guests entertained while they are waiting to meet up with other people. As people share their vacation adventures online, and you will receive limitless organic reach through their personalized photos made-to-include your name and logo. The kiosk can also be skinned to match your colors or customized to include your name or logo.

Photo Booth Features

photo booth for hotels

Green Screen + Overlays

Whether you want a green screen with puppies or an overlay with your sponsor’s logos, the customization options are endless.

photo booth for hotels

GIF Collage

After you strike your best poses and create a GIF, a collage of the 4 shots can be printed while seamlessly carrying over the same branding from the kiosk.

photo booth for hotels

Kiosk Skins

Whether you want your kiosk to match your wedding colors or contain event sponsors, how you wrap your TapSnap kiosk is up to you!

photo booth for hotels

Branded Sharing Site

Our personalized sharing sites allow you to seamlessly carry over your theme.

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